H2 Cando Ltd is a business incorporating two segments:​


We create, prepare and run English language courses in the UK, Ireland and Austria. 

Our focus is now on two-week summer courses, which combine dynamic English lessons with a full range of sports, trips and activities. 

Our groups are small, our service is personal.
We truly get to know our students and are with them every step of the way. 


The Link City

TheLinkCity is a 3D online city which simplifies the online shopping experience.

Link City citizens can:

  • experience the virtual world as if it were the real world, easing online navigation. 
  • buy products locally and internationally.
  • purchase directly from the original producers.
  • use one city-wide email address for all stores, removing the need to create multiple accounts.
  • get instant rewards for each purchase without the hassle of loyalty cards.