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JESI 06.07 - 13.07.2017

Our group from Jesi will be with us for a week. [mehr]

SENIGALLIA 04.07 – 17.07 2017

Our first UK summer group of 2017 and a full programme of activities for two weeks. [mehr]

HLW Leoben 2 24.06 – 01.07 2017

The first day of school and some sunny weather, and temperatures around 20 degrees, which is... [mehr]

HLW Leoben 1 17.06 - 24.06 2017

More summer weather, and the day in London was a hot one, but a good one. There was a lot of... [mehr]

KLEX KLUSEMANN 13.05 – 20.05 2017

So, we are starting our final day of school today and – after lessons – we’ll be getting together... [mehr]

AHS BRUCK 03.05 – 10.05 2017

Arrival day, as the students and teachers from AHS Bruck arrived at the Martello Tower in... [mehr]

KMS ST ELISABETH 22.04 – 29.04 2017

Arrival day, and we welcomed the group from KMS St Elisabeth as their coach pulled up in Seaford.... [mehr]

BORG 20 01.04.-07.04.2017

London day, and it turned into quite a walk! Sightseing is always best done on your feet, and the... [mehr]