Summer group

13 Austrian students have embarked on a journey to Ireland - let the adventures on the Emerald Isle begin! Based in Carrigaline, County Cork, they will spend two weeks during which they will explore ancient castles, roam the streets of large cities and small towns, stand in awe of the wonders of nature and enjoy everything this beautiful island has to offer. They will meet kind, hospitable people and make new friends, they will come across things they've never seen before, they will gain invaluable experience - they will learn not only for school, but for life.
A sunny week is forecast for our group of students and staff from HLW Leoben. We think they'll have an activity-packed week and lots to see and enjoy.

EBG Hollabrunn

A group from EBG Hollabrunn are currently visiting Ireland - the weather is fabulous with sunshine, blue skies and high temperatures!
Another group students from Gymnasium Maria Regina school are visiting us this year - we are delighted to welcome them. We keep our fingers crossed that the weather will stay dry and warm for all their afternoon activities in Cork and Dublin!

NMS BG BRG Klusemannstraße

The students of Klusemannschule from Graz are visiting us at the moment. The weather is fantastic - perfect for our afternoon activities and sightseeing tours in Dublin, Carrigaline and Cork!

HLW Leoben

40 girls, 4 boys and their teachers from HLW Leoben are visiting Ireland in May. They are staying with host families in Carrigaline and will spend the last night in Dublin. They are looking forward to their English lessons and fun-filled activities and sight-seeing in the afternoons!

GRG 7 Kandlgasse II

A lovely sunny May welcome for our group from GRG 7 Kandlgasse, Vienna. We hope they have a really fantastic time here with us in England.
Another group of students from Ella Lingens Gymnasium is visiting us in May. The weather forecast looks promising with sunshine and blue skies. We wish them all a wonderful time in Dublin and Cork.

HTL Leoben Group II

A second group from HTL Leoben has arrived - we wish them a pleasant stay in Carrigaline, Galway and Dublin!

GRG 21 Ödenburgerstraße

A sunny spring week in England lies ahead for our group from Vienna. We wish the students and staff from Ödenburgerstraße a great time here with us.

HTL Leoben Group I

Another group of the HTL Leoben school is here - we wish them a lovely time in Carrigaline, Cork, West Ireland and Dublin! The sun has finally arrived and spring time is here, too!

GRG 16 Maroltingergasse

A week in England for 27 students and two staff from GRG 16 in Vienna. We wish them a very pleasant stay.
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