BORG Murau

Sunday, 15.04.2018

The last day in Ireland - Michael, the bus driver picked up the student from the hostel in the morning and drove them to the airport. The flight had about 45min delay, but they still managed to get the connection flight in Frankfurt to Graz. We hope that everybody had a lovely time on the emerald island. Best of luck and many regards from the Irish H2 team Michael, Gina, Lucy, Jackie, Brian, David and Lisa.  

Saturday, 14.04.2018

It was an early start on Saturday morning, leaving Galway at 8am, heading to Dublin, the capital of Ireland! When they arrived, they were met by our tour guide who showed them around Dublin, stopping at Phoenix Park and old Georgian houses and other famous sights in Dublin. Later on they had some free time to explore Dublin themselves. In the evening they went out to the Temple Bar quarter for some music and to take in the lovely atmosphere in the streets. 

Blog entry by Benjamin Leeb and Hannes Weilharter:


Today was the last day of our journey. After staying for the night in Galway, we set off to Dublin at 8am. Luckily, the weather was fine that day. The bus ride to the capital took four hours including one break, which was half an hour long. After arriving in Dublin we went on a city tour, which was the only activity of the day. While driving across the city, a tour guide provided us with useful information about the sights we were seeing. Although we were more than five hours on the bus, we still enjoyed this tour and found it quite interesting. We had free time afterwards. We walked around the city, ate in a restaurant and bought some souvenirs. Later in the evening we went back to the hostel and spent the remaining time with our with our friends. 

Friday, 13.04.2018

The BORG Murau students left at around 9am and made their way up to the beautiful and famous Cliffs of Moher. Beforehand they stopped at "Lahinch Beach" to breath in some fresh air from the Atlantic ocean. At around noon they finally took in the stunning views onto the Cliffs of Moher, thankfully the weather was not too foggy. The group then continued on driving along the Wild Atlantic Way coastline of County Clare. They stopped at the Burren National Park and arrived in Galway City in the afternoon. Everyone is looking forward to some nice food in one of the many lively pubs around town. We wish them a nice evening! 

Blog entry by Julia Hartleb and Celina Hinterhofer:

We got up at 7am to pack our suitcases, because we left the hostel in Limerick at 9am and we wanted to have enough time to get breakfast. On our way to the Cliffs of Moher we stopped several times in order to take a walk on the very beautiful beach of Lahinch or just to breathe in some fresh air, for example. As we arrived at the Cliffs of Moher we took some pictures of the breath-taking view while walking along them and afterwards we had something to eat. We set off to Galway at about half past one and continued our journey along the Wild Atlantic Way. In Galway we enjoyed our free time with our friends before returning to our hostel to fall into our beds after such an exhausting but amazing day.

Blog entry by Tobias Wieland and Markus Fuchsberger:

After having eaten breakfast, the students as well as their teachers left their accommodation to get on the bus. On our trip to Galway we first stopped at a beach near the Cliffs of Moher. After fifty minutes, we continued travelling. The Cliffs of Moher were the last stop before we made it to Galway City. After a long bus ride, we were happy to check in at our hostel. Then we were let off to explore the city. After coming back to the hostel, pupils and their teachers went to their rooms. 

Thurday, 12.04.2018

In the morning the group enjoyed a little bit more of Killarney, especially Muckross Gardens with its beautiful park and views onto the lakes. In the afternoon the students headed to Limerick for a stroll around town and something to eat for dinner. It was a wonderful day in County Kerry and Limerick!

Blog entry by Christian Grohs and Paul Spreitzer

After eating a small breakfast in our hostel in Killarney, we went to our first destination, the Killarney National Park. There we had the opportunity to explore the landscape and vegetation which is different in many ways to what we are used to. Especially the Torc Walterfalls with its many and giant trees provided us with a remarkable impression and was a good example for the diversity and beauty of Ireland. Our next stop was the Muckross House and the beautiful Muckross Gardens. At the place we noticed a change in the shape of the landscape. Although we had only driven for a few minutes, this part of the National Park looked quite different to the previous jungle-like forests. Last but not least, we were able to visit the city centre of Limerick, where we had lunch and went shopping.

Wednesday, 11.04.2018

It is the final day at the H2 International Academy. The weather is still not sunny, but at least it is dry :-). In the final lesson today, our English teachers will hand over the student reports and certificates. They will also award four "students of the week" for their commitment and contribution during the English lessons. 

In the morning, the students had to say good-bye to their host families. The journey along the "Wild Atlantic Way" is starting today, so, in the afternoon the group will head to West Cork and Kerry. The destination for tonight is Killarney, a beautiful town right at the Killarney National Park. The group will head via Kenmare to Killarney, with scenic views onto mountains, valleys and lakes - breathtaking!!! 

Blog entry by David Capellari and Tobias Schindler:

“Good bye! Good luck on your journey”. These were the last words our host parents said to us upon leaving. Then we had our last day at the H2 college. There we got student certificates. Actually, school was not annoying. We sang a few songs with our music teacher called David and then we set off on our trip around the Wild Atlantic Way. Our first stop was Killarney. We had already been gone half way when the bus stopped for a break to enjoy the breath-taking views of the Killarney National Park. After a few more stops we finally arrived in the Neptune’s hostel, our accommodation for the night. All in all, we had a good time.

Blog entry by Nico Gänser and Thomas Prodinger:

After a rather short night, we had the last breakfast with our host family. As our host mum had to leave earlier, we were in a hurry. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our cereals and had a big mug of tea. At ten to eight we had to leave for the bus stop. Because of the heavy luggage, we really appreciated that we were taken there by car. After waiting for a few minutes, the bus took us to the H2 school where we also enjoyed our last day with the native teachers. Actually, the time we spent at this school was funnier than we had thought. After five lessons, we left school and made our way to Killarney.

On the way to Killarney, we went across the National Park  of Killarney. There we took beautiful pictures of the stunning landscape, ourselves and of the sheep. The view was amazing and all of us really enjoyed it. After the long way, we were all very tired and we were looking forward to going to bed. In Killarney we stayed at the Neptune Hostel, which was clean and comfortable. We also went for an excellent meal in a restaurant. As we were all really tired, we slept like stones. The day was nice and very interesting. 

Tuesday, 10.04.2018

Since we haven't said much about the weather - here is an update: so far, it has been dry and the group has mostly excaped the rain. Yesterday's excursion to Kinsale went well without too many rain showers. We keep our finger's crossed that the sun will come out eventually. :-) If you would like to check the weather forecast - the Met office is the best place to look up the weather. Today is already the second last day in school. Afterwards the students will have a relaxed afternoon in Carrigaline, strolling along the Main Street, going for coffee and buying some souvenirs. 

Blog entry by Diana Sedlmayer and Marie-Christin Hörbinger:

“Oida” … That’s one of the many German words we taught our teacher David. But let’s start in the morning. After breakfast we walked to the bus stop and headed off for our second last day at school. In the first lesson we talked with Brian about the social problems in Austria and how we could solve them. In groups of three we drew a map of a fictional country. With Lucy we played “true or false” on some pretty weird facts and we discussed some Irish expressions. Jacky taught us how to properly describe a person and then we played a game in which we had to guess who the other students were. In David’s lesson we did some grammar exercises and sang a few Irish drinking songs. In our last lesson of the day we played an interpretation game with Brian. After school we went to Carrigaline and had a lovely afternoon with our friends.

Blog entry by Sonja Schneidler and Larissa Feiel:

After breakfast we went to school by bus. In school we had five lessons where we played a lot of fun games to improve our English and expand our vocabulary. After school the bus picked us up again and we travelled back to Carrigaline. In Carrigaline we had some free time but as it is not a really big city there wasn’t much to do and to explore. So most of us met their friends, walked through the streets and looked into some shops. But when it started to rain, nearly everyone went to a coffee shop to enjoy the rest of the evening. 

Monday, 09.04.2018

It is the second day of classes in Minane Bridge and the students are nearly finished with their English lessons for today. In the afternoon they will get a tour with Barry, our popular guide in Kinsale. He will meet them at Charles Fort from where our students will have a fabulous view onto Kinsale. Aftwards they will go for a walk along this little fishing village, passing coloured houses and narrow streets. They will have some free time for a coffee break and souvenir shopping. Later on they will head to the cliffs at the "Old Head of Kinsale" and to a sandy beach in Garrettstown. Hopefully the weather will stay dry and maybe the sun will come on for a little bit as well.

Blog entry by Anja Berger and Yara Brunner:

After breakfast we went to the bus stop and waited for the bus with the other students. Then we went to school by bus. In the first lesson we talked a lot about our day before with our teacher Jackie and we played a game where we had to answer questions. With David we did a bit of grammar and taught us another drinking song called “The wild rover”. In the third lesson we played “Guess the word” with Brian. We had to split up into two groups and the team who guessed more words was the winner. With Lucy we practised a job interview and in the last lesson we played “who is who” with Jackie. After school we went down to Kinsale and did a city tour with a guy called Barry. During our free time we got something to eat and afterwards we visited the cliffs at the Old Head of Kinsale and Garretstown beach. After our journey we had dinner at our host family.

Blog entry by Philipp Purgstaller and Michael Rissner:

We’ll inform you about the fourth day of our trip to Ireland. After a great breakfast at our host family, we set off to our school. At 9 am our first lesson started. At first we talked about “ what would it rather be?” and we were taught about the traditions of St. Patrick’s Day. After that we sang, learnt about grammar and played different games. After these five lessons of school, we travelled to the fishermen’s town of Kinsale and learnt lots of interesting stuff about the great history of this town. Later we drove to the cliffs at the Old Head of Kinsale and took some photos. Our last destination on that awesome day was Garretstown beach. All in all, it was a great day. 

Sunday, 08.04.2018

Finally the students got to sleep in for a little bit on Sunday morning as some of them were still exhausted from the flight. The host families made them a very typical Irish breakfast with black pudding, fried egg, beans, sausages and toast. All of the students enjoyed a relaxing morning at home. Around 1pm they were picked up by our busdriver Michael. Instead of going to Blarney Castle as originally planned they went to Cobh to visit the Titanic Experience. It was actually raining "cats and dogs" and an indoor activity was a better alternative for the afternoon. Cobh was formerly called "Queenstown" back in 1912 when the Titanic sank. The Titanic Experience is located at the orginal White Star Line Ticket Office building. Visitors receive a boarding card which has the details of one of the final 123 passengers who joined the Titanic at her last port of call in Queenstown. The tour guide takes the visitors on a virtual journey to board the Titanic. At the end of the journey they can learn the fate of "their" passenger and all the other Queenstown passengers.

In the evening the group met again to participate in some "Ceili" dancing with the dance teacher Fionan. He showed our students typical Irish dances like "The Walls of Limerick" and "Shoe the Donkey" with Irish trad music in the background. It was very exhausting but also very funny!

Blog entry by Melanie Leitner and Magdalena Galler: 

Sunday is fun day - On our third day which was Sunday the 8th of April we got up at 9 pm. After we had had breakfast, we drove to the sea with our host family. Although it was raining, we had a beautiful view. Before our language group went to the Titanic Experience in Cobh, we got a typical Irish lunch. In Cobh, we also had coffee and then we were picked up by the bus which took us back to Carrigaline. At home we got a delicious dinner and later we got ready for our Irish dancing lesson. Irish dancing? We? Yes, we did it – all in all – very well.

Blog entry by Jessica Feyel and Janine Panzer:

Due to bad weather we didn’t go to Blarney castle as planned but we visited the Titanic Experience in Cobh which is a museum in the last place the Titanic stopped to pick up passengers. Unfortunately, as everybody knows the Titanic sank on its way to America because of hitting an iceberg. Later on we were given the chance to explore Cobh for a while. Our host family provided dinner and afterwards we went to a Ceili dance lesson which was exhausting but a lot of fun. A professional taught us three Irish dances, so we learnt them properly. All in all, we gained many new experiences, which is great. 

Saturday, 07.04.2018

Today is the first day at the H2 International Academy in Minane Bridge. For the introduction session the students gathered in one of the class rooms. They were introduced to their English teachers for the week: Lucy, Jackie, Brian and David. They completed a short placement and multiple choice test and were then split onto 4 smaller groups. The English lessons are now well under way. The students will have one more lesson and will then head to Cork City in the afternoon. They will have a guided city tour with stops at St. Finbarr's Cathedral, the Cork University Campus and the famous English Market (that is known for its fresh produce such as cheese, meat and vegetables). Afterwards they will have some free time to explore the city themselves. In the evening the group will head to the Curraheen Park Stadium for some greyhound races! They will meet "Black Jerry" who will give them a short introduction on betting. He also has his own dog running - we will keep our fingers crossed for a lucky winner :-)

Blog entry by Angelo Schwarzenbacher and Michael Neumann:

Due to the fact that we arrived at our host families’ quite late the day before, we almost overslept. We had a short but delicious breakfast and we were picked up by our bus. When we were in school, we had to take a test. After that we split up into four groups and talked about topics such as celebrities, traditional Irish sports and sang an Irish song. In the afternoon we had a tour through Cork and its university. There we saw a man with a snake which was one of the highlights of the day. Afterwards we had the chance to walk through the city on our own. At 7pm we went to see a greyhound race where some of us placed bet and either won or lost some money. At the end of this very long day all of us were exhausted and happy to go to bed. 

Blog entry by Sebastian Schweiger and Julian Lettmayer:


Saturday was our first full day in Ireland. We went to the school for the first time. There we had a test to assess our level of English. After that we were divided in four groups with 12 people each. We had school until 3pm. Afterwards we went to Cork City where we had a guided tour with some free time afterwards. Then we travelled to the greyhound race by bus. There we had a good time because we were allowed to place bets on our own. But unfortunately, nobody won any  money expect Marissa. In the end it was very dramatic because one dog got hurt while running. After the grey hound race we made our way home and went to bed really tired.

Friday, 06.04.2018

A long day of travelling came finally to an end when the students from BORG Murau were picked up by their host families in Carrigaline in the evening. Beforehand the group flew from Graz via Frankfurt to Dublin. In Dublin they were welcomed by a member of our H2 Team (and busdriver) Michael. They then headed south to County Cork where they were greeted by the host families and more members of the H2 team: Gina and Lisa. After some talking and getting to know each other, the students went straight to bed to catch up on some sleep. :-)   

Blog entry by Julia Unterweger and Theresa Feuchter:

With packed suitcases and an amount of anticipation the language trip started at 5:30 am at the railway station in Murau. After a two hour drive we arrived at the airport in Graz. Next stop Frankfurt airport. For many students it was the first time to go by plane. We were very excited as well as a little apprehensive. In Frankfurt we had a lot of time because we had to wait to our connecting flight. Most teenagers were having something at McDonalds. Next stop: Dublin airport. Arrival at 5:10 pm. The first thing we had to do was turning our clocks back by one hour and we had to watch out for the cars coming from the other side. The bus driver loaded our luggage and took us to Carrigaline. The host families were already waiting for the new “family” members. After a long impressive day we the were very exhausted and after the first conversation with the host families we were very glad to sleep in our comfortable beds.

Blog entry by Marion Oberreiter and Laura Gieger:

Hey guys, we started our journey very early. We left Murau at 5:30 am so we would reach the airport early enough. We checked in, went through security control and left our beautiful country at 10:25 am. We arrived in Frankfurt, Germany not long after that. Unfortunately, we had to wait there for 4 hours. My friend and I spent three hours at McDonalds and discovered that the German police should tell the students how to order at McDonalds. After those four and something hours we got on board of the plane to Dublin and changed CET for GMT. In Dublin we were picked up by H2 bus which took us to Carrigaline. That trip would have been nice … if it hadn’t been a three and a half hour trip. My head was killing me by the time we reached Carrigaline. We were picked up by our host families and after a really exhausting day we were more than happy to fall into bed. 



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