HTL Leoben Group I

Friday, 20.04.2018

The students are currently passing through the security check and will make their way to the gate at Dublin airport. It has been a wonderful week filled with lots of interesting activities, fabulous sights and friendly people. Lots of memories to take home! We wish them a pleasant flight and are looking forward to seeing them again some time :-). Best wishes from the Irish H2 team - Lucy, Jackie, Gina, Michael, Paul, Jack and Lisa. 

Blog entry by HTL Leoben student:

After a very exciting evening and night in Dublin we left the hostel at 9 in the morning. Everybody was, as always ?, on time and we arrived the airport very quickly. The check in and security check went very smoothly and so we were given some more time to stroll around and get some food. As it was quite late then we rushed to the gate and left Ireland on time. Now we are almost back.

Thursday, 19.04.2018

The group left Galway very early this morning, at around 8am. It takes a while to travel cross-country, but they arrived to Dublin around lunchtime. They are now on a guided city tour and will check into the hostel later on. They have some free time before some of them will visit the Jameson Distillery and other the famous Guinness Storehouse. 

Blog entry by Fabi St. and Stefan A.:

After a short night due to the fact that we had a lot of fun at the bowling center the night before, our day started with breakfast at 7am at the hostel in Galway. At 8 am we started our trips to the capital city of Ireland: Dublin. We had to go for 3 hours by bus and after 1.5 hours we stopped at a petrol station to get some food. We were all tired and that’s why the bus trip to Dublin didn’t seem to be that long. When we finally arrived, we went on a guided bus tour through the city. We were able to find out a lot about the history of Dublin and we went on a walk through the nice park in front of the St. Patrick’s cathedral. Afterwards we had some free time and explored the city. At 5pm we had the chance to go on a tour through the Guinness factory or the Jameson’s distillery. The view on top of the brewery was amazing and when the tour was over we had dinner at a nice restaurant. We had to be back at the hostel at 10pm. Although there was a long day in front of we didn’t have to chance to sleep soon as it was so exciting to watch the police arresting people and the fire brigade rescuing a person out of the river Livy that was just opposite our hostel.

Wednesday, 18.04.2018

In the morning it was time to say good-bye to the host families. The HTL Leoben group is now on their way to the Cliffs of Moher - hopefully the weather will be alright! They will drive along the coastal routes of the Wild Atlantic Way and will later on arrive to Galway City. Dinner is booked for them at Monroe's Tavern. We wish them all a very good day and evening!

Blog entry by Mark H. and Fatbardh (Cliffs of Moher, Burren national park, Dolmen): 

Early morning: The students said goodbye to their host families and were picked up by the bus. Some luggage had to be stored on the seats, as the normal storage room was filled quickly. 

Bus 1: A long bus trip towards the Cliffs of Moher. Only minor problems with weird conversation topics/insults and students shouting/throwing things at each other. No notes of bad music being played over speakers.

Cliffs of Moher: medium temperatures, strong winds and good visibility. For more subjective opinions, see the following interview with Fatbardh Sadiku.

Q: What was your general impression of the sight? 

FS: The Cliffs of Moher were very beautiful to look at, and there was a nice atmosphere.

Q: Anything of note?

FS: Yes, the weather during the day was very windy, so you had to be careful. Also, I wouldn't recommend people who are afraid of heights to look down, as there are some very steep drops.

We thank Mr. Sadiku for his assistance, as well as the pictures he has provided. 

Bus 2: A long bus trip towards the Burren National Park. Only minor problems with weird conversation topics/insults and students shouting/throwing things at each other. Only minor problems with bad music being played over speaker.

Burren National Park: A nature preserve not too far from the Cliffs of Moher. Again, an interview with Mr. Sadiku.

Q: What can you tell me about the National Park?

FS: It was a very rocky area with many step-like changes in height. You could get an amazing view of the ocean.

Q: Anything to take care with?

FS: Nothing in particular, however there were some slippery stones as well as puddles, so it would be good to watch out for those.

Again, we thank Mr. Sadiku for his assistance

Bus 3: A medium-length bus trip towards the Random Rocks. Same details as Bus 2.

Random Rocks: Several Rocks placed on top of each other, with no significant purpose or reason to visit to speak of.

Bus 4: A medium-length bus trip towards Galway. Minor problems with weird conversation topics/insults, almost no problems with students shouting/throwing things at each other. Some problems with bad music being played over speakers. Could have been avoided by removing the trip to the Random Rocks. (= dolmen. Very important sight!!! ET)

Galway: Arrival at the hostel and splitting of the students into groups for their rooms. The students had dinner at a pub before visiting a game arcade. After this, they returned to their rooms.

Hereby, the report for Wed, the 18th of April is concluded. For further information, please go bother [Error: no person found]. We thank you for your attention and hope you enjoyed this report provided to you by A-Propaganda.

A-Propaganda. Because your opinion is just too easy to influence.

Tuesday, 17.04.2018

The students had their final day of English lessons at the H2 International Academy in Minane Bridge. At the end of their final lesson they were given their student reports and certificates along with some treats for everyone as the students were such a nice group! It was a pleasure for Lucy and Jackie to teach them! Thanks everybody.

In the afternoon the group headed to Kinsale to meet Barry, the tour guide. He showed them around this lovely town, stopping at Charles Fort (with a nice view onto Kinsale), passing narrow streets with coloured houses and galleries and telling them about the "Giant of Kinsale" and the "White Lady". Later on they went out to the "Old Head of Kinsale" to look at the stunning cliffs and the Atlantic Ocean. The final stop for the day was Garrettstown beach. Some student (we won't mention their names ;-) ) went swimming in the sea!!!!!! 

Blog entry by by Mathias and Rico:

After we finished school, we went to Kinsale, a small village on the ocean’s side of Ireland. We arrived at 2pm at a star-shaped fort called Charles fort. There we met our tour guide Barry who gave us a lot of interesting historical information about the fort and the village Kinsale. For example, that Charles fort was only taken once in its whole history. We also learnt about the white lady, a ghost that has been seen by some people in the fort. The short version of the story is that there was a big misconception and because of that her father shot her future husband a few hours before the wedding. She felt so horrified and sad that she jumped off the wall. After we took a lot of pictures of the fort and the ocean we drove on to the village of Kinsale. There our guide showed us all the interesting places and told us stories and legends about the city. For example, that the famous pirate Ann came from Kinsale. The movie pirates of the Caribbean is based on her and her boyfriends story. Another interesting fact was that in Kinsale lived once a giant who had a total height of 2.5m.

After the tour we had a little free time for eating and relaxing. Some of us tried the famous fish burger. Then we moved on to the Old Head of Kinsale. The cliffs there were one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been to. At Garrettstown beach Mathias, Christoph, Lukas, James and Moritz went, despite of the really cold temperatures, swimming in the sea. The water was freezing cold, but they liked it. In the evening we headed back to Carrigaline.

Monday, 16.04.2018

It is the third morning of English lessons with Lucy and Jackie. In the afternoon the group will head to Blarney Castle - hopefully! The weather forecast it not promising - we keep our fingers crossed for a dry afternoon without rain! 

Blog entry by Julia and Michaela:

Today it was our 3rd day in our school and it was a very rainy and windy day. The bus picked us up at 8:35 at the bus station. We had four lessons with two different teachers like on the other days, two lessons with each teacher. In our first lesson we had Jacky. At first, we had to complete sentences with our own opinions and discuss. Then we learned phrases about criminal acts and we had to guess what crimes the persons had committed with the help of a picture. The second lesson was with Lucy. We got a hard IQ – test and some questions to interview other people in the group. The next lesson was with Jacky again and we discussed some popular topics, like smoking in public, banning zoos or nuclear power. It was very nice to hear everyone´s opinion on these topics. At the end, we had a lot of fun with Lucy, because we played a game, in which you had to explain a word, but you weren´t allowed to say the words on the cards. To put it in a nutshell, it was a great school day but the weather was bad.

Blog entry by Martin and Gabriel:

After we finished school the weather was cloudy with a little bit of rain. Some of our class were worried that it could get worse, but luckily that wasn't the case, so the weather was absolutely no problem for us. At about quarter past three we arrived at the area around Blarney castle. To get to our main goal, the Blarney Stone, we went straight on through the ticket shop into the castle. There we could experience the great scenery of the castle. We were so impressed by the thick walls and the narrow passages inside. After taking many photos we reached the top. We had a great view from there and some of us followed the rules of the legend and kissed the stone so that they will be able to pass any oral exam they will have in their lives. Then we only had to find our way down. That wasn't too easy because of the wet and small stairs but without any injuries we managed to get back down. Our next location was just around the corner; “Poisonous Garden” which is a collection of really beautiful but also poisonous plants. You could also buy some of them in the shop which one of us did. After this terrible misfortune with the weather we could make a wish at the “Wishing Steps”. To make the wish come true you had to walk down the stairs backwards with your eyes shut. This was not an easy task because of the wet rocks but everybody made their wishes successfully.  One of the wishes definitely came true when we entered the biggest souvenir shop in Ireland. Everyone was able to find the best presents for their friends and family. In this shop you can find everything on three floors, from clothes to flint and steel to Guinness souvenirs. They have every kinds of souvenirs you would like to buy. All in all, we had a great trip and the weather was just “perfect” because right after we came home a strong storm arrived.

Sunday, 15.04.2018

The students had the opportunity to sleep a little bit longer, because it was Sunday and no activity was planned (expect for some Ceili dance lessons in the evening). The host families served a typical Irish breakfast with black pudding, beans, fried tomatoes, sausages, egg and toast. Mhmmmm yummmie! The students had a relaxed day, some went to Kinsale, others to the beach. The weather, unfortunately, was not great with rain showers in between. 

Blog entry by Martin W. and Mark B.:

 Hello guys. On Sunday in the evening at 8pm we were taken to a local elementary school which was the place where we had our Ceili dancing lessons. The instructor and seven local women were there and showed us how to dance some Irish dances. At first, we made two lines and the man showed us the basic position and some basic steps. After that we got the chance to try the “two hand reel dance”. First, we tried it out without music and after that we had some Irish music to dance. It was great fun. Because we were so good we learned a few more dances like the “The Walls of Limerick” and the “Four hand reel dance”.  We got a new dance partner for each dance so that the same dancing partners were not together. After one and a half hours, at around 9.30 pm we finished our dancing lesson. Everybody was quite exhausted because it was really hot in that dancing room but it was a great experience and a lot of fun for us and the teachers! 

Saturday, 14.04.2018

Another day without rain and nearly sunshine! After the school lessons, the students will head to Cork City where our tour guide will show them around, stopping at St. Finbarr's Cathedral, Cork University Campus and the English Market. Later on they will have some free time to enjoy Cork City on their own. The students are keen to go shopping on St. Patrick's Street. The weather is perfect for this activity - it is dry, with a little bit of sunshine and temperatures around 13 degrees. 

Blog entry by Manuel B. and Christopher:

In the morning it was really windy and we started with a tasty breakfast at our host family. The bus picked us up at 08:35 am at the bus station. Before he brought us to school we visited a greyhound breeder. The guy showed us some of them and we got told that some of those dogs are just nine months old. They looked pretty cool and kingly. The man also told us that the dogs will get trained to race other dogs. After that we arrived at school at 8:56 am. Today we had 4 lessons with two different teachers like yesterday, two with each teacher. In the first lesson we played a game called Tension where we had to figure out some different things. For example, the game said that we have to guess 10 different states which start with an “a” and after that we had to go as many fields as names we had figured out. After that we played a game where we had to choose one of two statements. Also, pretty exciting was the part where we learned to say thank you and please in Gaelic.

Thank you - go raibh maith agat
Please - mas e do thail e

We also learned something about St. Patrick and we had to do a little quiz with true or false. The last point we talked about were crimes and dumb crimes which happened in reality. She gave us a piece of paper with 4 different dumb people who got caught because of their stupidity. After school we headed to Cork. 

Blog entry by Cork by Christian and Philipp:

After school we departed to Cork by coach. When we arrived in the “city” we had a short stop to let our tour guide join us. She showed us around the town in a nice and informal way, spreading good mood. We particularly got to know the history of Cork, for example, the origin of the name and how the priest Father Mathew tried to turn all the Catholic inhabitants into abstinence, as well as a few facts about the economic situation. We saw sights connected to the things we learned about, for example, the Holy Trinity Church and statues reminding of historic events. After visiting the university campus and the English Market, which was established in the 18th century, we had some free time before going back to Carrigaline by coach. 

Friday, 13.04.2018

In the morning at the H2 International Academy in Minane Bridge the students met their English teachers for the next few days - Lucy and Jackie. After a short introduction by Lisa, member of the Irish H2 team, a short placement test took place to divide the group into two smaller groups. The lessons were finished right in time when the sun came out! Perfect weather for a Gaelic Sports afternoon - with blue skies, sunshine and around 15 degrees temperature. Two members of the Gaelic Athletic Association, Cloe and Rebecca, will teach the students about Gaelic football and hurling. 

Blog entry by James, Moritz and Lukas:

13th of April: First day in Ireland. As you may know today was our first on the island southwest of England. Even though our day started early and the weather was a bit grim we were still in a good mood this morning, which is quite rare that early in the morning. Subsequently we arrived at the school where we would be spending the next few days. After they announced that we would start with an exam, our smiles disappeared pretty quickly. After checking our exams, we were split into two groups. Some were a bit surprised that they were in the group for students who struggle with the English language. After four more lessons and a few breaks we got changed and made our way to the GAA playing fields.  We were then split into to groups and one group was taught how to play Gaelic football while the other half learnt how to play hurling. Both of the sports were not the easiest to get the hang of but after while some us managed to play a bit. There were mixed reactions to the sport. Some enjoyed it, while others got a bit frustrated and decided Gaelic sports were not for them. But all in all, we had a fun day and are looking forward to tomorrow.

Thursday, 12.04.2018

The students of the HTL Leoben school arrived to Dublin with a little delay. They were picked up by our busdriver Paul who brought them down Carrigaline. The arrival was quite late, 11.45pm, and everybody was looking forward to a nice and comfortable bed at their host family's houses. 

Blog entry by Manuel and Gilli:

April the 12th, 12 o‘clock, Htl Leoben: The start of a special and unique adventure trip to Ireland. At 12.30 pm we entered our bus “Ernst” heading to Vienna airport. Luckily no one forgot his passport or something else important, or at least no one has noticed till now that something is missing. Hopefully this stays like that for the whole trip. ? After two hours we arrived at the airport where we met Mathias, dressed like our destination would be Malta. We got very fast through the safety check except for Johannes and Martin. Johannes forgot his knife in his pocket, so he had to hand it in and just for safety reasons he got also tested on explosive devices. But all in all, we got into the boarding zone without any problems. At 4:00 pm we should have entered the plane but it was delayed for about 20 minutes. At 5:15 the plane started moving with a delay of 45 minutes. Without any troubles we landed 2.2 hours later. Then we headed to our host families. The weather was more than cold and it didn’t matter in which direction you were looking you only saw clouds. Everyone was picked up by his host family and brought safely into bed.


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