Irland Sprachreise des Gymnasium/ORG der Ursulinen

Saturday, 23rd September 2017

The H2 team says good bye and we wish everyone safe travels. We had a great time with you! Many regards from Lucy, Peter, Colin, Jackie, Michael, Paul, Gina, Mary, Maria and Lisa :-)

Friday, 22nd September 2017

The second to last day of our journey started with the annoying sound of our alarm clock. After a very stressful morning, too many Nutella on toasts and one last hug from our host mum, we met the rest of our group way too early in the morning. At 7 o’clock we hit the road and started on our way off to Dublin! During the trip most of us fell asleep because we were all tired and some students sang old crazy Irish songs.

At lunch time we finally arrived in the city. We had to change bus too. To get a good overview of Dublin, we started our visit with a funny tour by bus. Our tour guide, a very nice Irish lady, showed us the statue of Oscar Wilde, the author of The Picture of Dorian Gray and very beautiful places like the statue of Molly Malone and St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The Cathedral also has the most famous Irish writers immortalized in stone. Our next stop was Phoenix Park where we had a thirty minute break at a giant cross about 20 metres high, which was built in honour of the visiting Pope John Paul II. We played frisbee with Mr BT and then finally finished the tour at Trinity College.


At last we got some free time for shopping, getting food or doing other stuff. Most of us went straight to Abercrombie & Fitch and after that we went to the next Starbucks. So we were an excellent example for all German tourists! Others of us went to the quarter of Temple Bar with shopping, tasting beers (*ahem!* – Mr BT) and coffees and eating. Some of us went to Dublin Castle where we listened to the rehearsal of the orchestra, as later in the day the Night of Culture was taking place, and sat in the garden.


At 6 o’clock we met again at the famous Molly Malone statue. We sang the song again, while others were a little more interested in her body… We then went for dinner in a very nice and tasty chicken restaurant.


In the evening our bus took us to our hostel, which is about half an hour away from the capital of Ireland. We were welcomed very nicely, some of the guys played football in the gym and after a hot shower we all met to talk about the newest gossip and enjoy our last evening in Ireland together.



Unfortunately we had to go to bed at 11 o’clock but of course everyone whispered in their rooms until midnight or maybe even longer J. In a nutshell it was a great day and we really enjoyed the journey with Mr BT and Mrs Wallner.

Thursday, 21st September 2017

Dear Diary, today was the last day of school here in Ireland and it was also one of the shortest because we only had two “normal” lessons with the teachers. Surprisingly it was also a lot of fun! Here we did what we had done most of the time, which was play games such as “Word Association” and “Who am I?”and also learn songs and tales of Irish culture. My favorite part were the songs we sang with Peter, whereas Oskar enjoyed all the games we played.

Then we had to fill in a questionnaire about our host families and the school. At the end we all met as one and got the certificates to show that we had done the language course. Some of us even got sweets from the teachers for working especially hard. To finish up we sang the Irish songs we had learned previously.

After all of that we drove to Cobh, the last stop of the Titanic on its maiden voyage. All of us got tickets from real people on the ship and we could see if we had survived or died. I was lucky: I got the ticket of one of the first class passengers. Turns out I wasn’t that lucky after all because I died in the Atlantic even though my wife and daughter made it out alive. Oskar, however, managed to survive, despite the fact that he got a third class ticket. We then had about an hour of free time in the town. We took some photos of the cathedral and the sea and we also had a small snack in a local restaurant. The week vanished so fast and I almost can’t believe that we will drive back to Dublin tomorrow.


Wednesday, 20th September 2017

Dear diary, today is the 21th of September 2017, it's the 5th day of our school trip to Ireland. Unfortunately, it was already raining in the morning so after breakfast we left the house with our rain coats on. We had four hours of school, in which we did different things like acting, singing and playing games.

Our afternoon plan was to play Gaelic sports like Hurling and Gaelic Football, but these plans were canceled due to the rain and cold weather. Instead we decided to go to the shopping mall and go see the movie IT. But first we had about an hour of free time in the mall. We looked around the shops and ate something. After that we went to the movies. IT is a 1988 remake and based on a clown that prays on the fear of children and leads them into the sewers to kill them. However, the kids decide to fight back. Some of us got really scared others thought it was funny or boring at times, but we all held through till the end. We laughed at ourselves afterwards because we screamed loudly when the scary things happened. We think the message of the film was that unity is able to beat everything and that you should always face your fears.

After all it was a good and relaxing afternoon in the mall and we were happy that we didn't have to play Gaelic sports in the rain.

By: Valentin, Alessandro, Nina, Monique, Philipp and Luka

Tuesday, 19th September 2017

We first had our three lessons in our school. We talked a lot about Irish culture, played many games and sang Irish songs. After that we went to Charles Fort. Before we met the guide, we had time to take pictures of the ruins and explore by ourselves. It’s a perfect place to take photos as the location is really beautiful. Then, our nice new guide showed us the cute village of Kinsale. We walked through narrow, winding streets and we heard some interesting stories about the history of the village and about pirates and the “white lady”. When the tour had ended we had one hour of free time, so we ate some pizza in a small restaurant next to the harbour and also tried the famous hot chocolate at “Joe’s”.

Then we went by bus to some very high cliffs. It was dangerous, but we took more and more photos. The next stop was the beach. Although it was very cold for some of us, a part of our class decided to swim out in their swimgear into the ocean. It was really cold and windy, but nevertheless we had a lot of fun.

When we were back at home, we met our friends in the evening. We listened to music and walked through Carrigaline. At the end of the day we can say that it was a long and cold, but also interesting and funny day. We enjoyed the day near the sea and we visited some impressive locations. The best thing is that our phones and cameras are full of memories!

By: Isabella and Viktoria, Marie and Maria 

Monday, 18th September 2017

 It was the first day of school in Ireland – but let’s start at the beginning. Of course we were the first to be picked up by the bus, so our day started very early. Although our alarm was set for 7am, we didn’t get up until 7:20. We were lazy. As we got up late we had to hurry, due to the fact that we had to put on makeup, clean up, get dressed and get our lunch. So tomorrow we will get up earlier! We then got picked up by the bus and drove to the H2 college. After a brief exam we were split up into four groups. We had three school lessons with three different teachers. Colin was very chill and played a fun game with us. Jacky was talkative and told us about traditional Irish sports and their heritage. Peter told us a lot about himself (!) and traditional Irish things such as typical family names. He also taught us an Irish song, which is over 100 years old, called “Molly Malone”. It was fun and totally worth the hour! "The photographer had an emergency and because of that he was in the hospital." This sentence is very important for your pronunciation and you will become an absolute pro. Trust us!

After school we went to Cork by bus. After exploring the city, a nice tour guide told us facts about the history of Cork. For example, Cork is the city in the south of Ireland and is the second biggest city, and it burned down in 100 years ago because of a war. Also, the highest building in Ireland is not in Dublin, it’s in Cork!  At the end of our tour we went through the English market. There were many different foods like vegetables, meat, fish, fruit and stuff like that.  After the tour we went in a typical Irish shop where you can buy Irish flags, pullovers, shirts and some Irish souvenirs. This was a nice day in Cork and as we came home, dinner had already been prepared for us. Last but not least we met our friends, went for a walk and played football with the neighbour kids (William J). What an exhausting and hardworking day! All in all we enjoyed it and we have many new impressions of Ireland.

By: Noa & Valentina / Kathi R & Lea / Nana K & Anna P

Sunday, 17th September 2017

The Saturday was a much longer day than we expected, however it was still fun! After a 12 hour trip we arrived at Weston Park, which is a beautiful area where every house looks like the other one. The host family was very nice to us, but we were so tired we didn’t even really notice.Our day started at 8.30 and for breakfast we got coffee, tea and toast. After breakfast Mairead took us to different beaches and showed us the village. She also told us the history about Alcatraz, the harbour and their connection with the Titanic. The name of the harbour was Cork harbour. On the beaches named Fontainstown and Myriteville Beach we were collecting shells and we enjoyed the beautiful and sunny weather. Mairead then took us to a supermarket and after that we came back home so that our host mother could prepare lunch packages for our trip to Blarney castle. Blarney castle is a partial ruin near Cork. There we split into two groups and toured through the garden with Miss Wallner. We saw a lot of beautiful plants, trees, lakes and a lot of other things that we took pictures of. After the tour, Christoph, Noa, Alex, Kathi and Sascha went up to the tower where Noa, Kathi and Sascha kissed a stone. Now that we have kissed the stone, we will be able to talk rubbish forever! It felt a bit funny because we had to lean over the edge of the tower and look down at the ground. When we were finished there, there was a really funny moment. When Kathi ordered an ice cream cup, she said to the salesman “a praline, bitte”. She didn’t even realize that she spoke in German! After that we could go around and had some free time on our own. At 5.30pm we went back to our houses and ate dinner. The highlight of the day was the Irish dancing with a very nice teacher which was very fun, exhausting and quite a mess, but it was a new experience. We had a really nice time there. Our first day in Carrigaline was very fun and we hope that the upcoming days will be just as fun. A joint effort by:

Hannah & Kathi / Steve & Alex / Christoph, Jakob & Sascha

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