Sprachreise nach Irland - Bundeshandelsakademie Bruck an der Mur

Friday 06.10.2017

Today is the last full day for us in Ireland. So as usual we went to the preschools in the morning, where we are playing with the children once more. Then it will be time to say good-bye to our lovely teachers and kids, to go to our last adventure. We will be going to Kinsale, a colorful town by the sea, known for its great food and the starting point of the Wild Atlanic Way along the Westcoast. If the weather stays as sunny and nice at it is at the moment, we will go to Garrettstown Beach, where we are going to have some time to relax and enjoy the seaside. Afterwards we will go back to our host families and once more have dinner together. We all really enjoyed the green island and now we are looking forward to go back home and share our experiences with family and friends.

Thursday 05.10.2017

The second day of our short-term internship started very well. We got on the bus or walked by ourselves to the preschools, where we began playing with the children again. We had a lot of fun again singing and taking care of the kids. Afterwards we were picked up by the bus again and drove to Cobh. Cobh is famous for the Titanic, which stopped here for the very last time before its tragic journey across the ocean. We got to do a tour in the Titanic Experience Museum and learned a lot about the history and people of the Titanic. We were very lucky with the weather, thats why Michael brought us to Fountainstown Beach. What a lovely scenery, we all enjoyed the sun, the sea and the fresh air!

Wednesday 04.10.2017

On Wednesday we got the chance to work in preschools in Carrigaline, Kinsale and Minane Bridge. Some of us even got a good introduction at the FEC (Further Education College) by the Head of Departement, who talked about the education system in Ireland. It was very interesting for us to get to know, how it works here and we couldn't believe how different it is from ours in Austria. Also working in preschools was a great experience. We met the teachers, who were really kind and welcoming and the kids (of course), who were curious who we are and what we were going to do for the morning. So we played, talked about kindergardens in Austria and got to know how children are taught and educated in Ireland. It was an exciting and interesting day for all of us!

Tuesday 03.10.2017

On Tuesday we had English classes at the H2 College in Minane Bridge and were excited to meet the English teachers and learn some things about the Irish. So we all jumped on the bus in the morning and drove up windy and narrow roads, until we stopped in front of a quite modern building, which was a school once in the early 19th century and got restored by a local initiative in 2006. After we had a small introduction by the H2 Team Lisa and Maria, the teachers talked a bit about themselves and welcomed us to our English lessons. We then split up into 3 groups and started our English session. After we finished classes we got back on the Bus and drove to Blarney Castle, where you can kiss the Blarney Stone. If you do, you are promised to talk more eloquently (in English of course!) :-)

Monday 02.10.2017

We got up quite early, had our breakfast at the Doolin Hostel and jumped back on the bus. First we drove to the famous Cliffs of Moher. We were all stunned by the amazing view that layed out before us. High up on the cliffs we could all see the endless sea, seagulls and other birds flying around. We had a great experience up here, but our journey for the day wasn't quite over yet. Michael waited for us and picked us up for our next stop along the way to Carrigaline. This time we would see a bit more of Galway, a lovely, colorful town, known as a good place to study and its amazing sea side with the typical colorful houses lined up on the harbor. We strolled around, took many pictures and walked down the shopping streets. We were all happy, that we had such a great day, seeing so many things and already learning a little bit about the life in Ireland. So finally we drove to Carrigaline, where we first met our host families, who warmly welcomed us into their homes and prepared lovely dinners for us. We sat and talked for a little while, before it was time to go to bed.

Sunday 01.10.2017

On Sunday we started with breakfast at the Gormanston Park Hostel. We were all very excited and looked forward to a great day. First we had the Dublin City Tour, where a tour guide showed us around the city and told us a bit of its history and the buildings. Afterwards it was time to explore Dublin on our own and do a little bit of shopping and sight-seeing before it was time to hop on the bus. Michael drove us from East to West of Ireland, where we spent the night in a Hostel in Doolin, a small village close to the sea.

Saturday 30.09.2017

We were all very excited as we stepped on the plane, which brought us from Vienna to Dublin. When we arrived, we were warmly welcomed by Michael the bus driver, who waited for us outside and picked us up. We drove to a shopping center to get some dinner, before we went to check in to our Hostel for the night. 

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