Sprachwoche in Irland des Gymnasium und Realgymnasium 7

Friday 28.04.2017
A big day for the students today as they catch the train up to London. They will then start the day of exploring with a look at (one of) the Queen’s houses – Buckingham Palace, before heading down the Mall and Horseguards Parade. Then it’s time to see Big Ben and the River Thames, where the group will take a river boat along to the Tower of London. This is a great place to see – and take photos of – Tower Bridge. After that, they might head south of the river or perhaps go to Covent Garden for a chance to relax and soak up the atmosphere.

The weather is slightly warmer today, although cloudy. There’s no rain though, which is the most important thing. So no umbrellas required. 

Thursday 27.04.2017
School finishes today, and to round off the week, we will be presenting certificates to all our students then awarding the prizes for Student of the Week, one for each class. The prize goes to the student we feel has benefited the most from their time here in England.

After school, the group will be heading to see the cliffs at Beachy Head, then enjoying a walk down to the town of Eastbourne. They will hopefully experience some lovely views from the top as well as making the most of the lovely green promenade in the town. To finish off, there will be some time to explore the town centre.


Wednesday 26.04.2017
The weather forecast isn’t great today, although we start in sunshine. We’ve decided to change the programme, and the students are staying at Hillcrest this afternoon to watch a film. It’s another chance to improve their listening skills, and it’s a British film, so there will be some good English accents too 

We’ll now do the trip to the cliffs at Beachy Head and the town of Eastbourne tomorrow instead.


Tuesday 25.04.2017
It’s a lovely sunny morning here in Seaford. In fact, it’s almost cricket weather, which is perfect for our plan for this afternoon, which is to learn the basics of cricket, the oldest sport in England. It is complicated, but all our students manage to understand how to play – well, at least how to hit the ball and run! Let’s see how the GRG 7 students cope with it. 


Monday 24.04.2017
School starts today, and the group will begin with a placement test. This will allow us to split them into two small classes. The teachers – Karen and Graham will want to get lots of talking (in English) as well as lots of energy and creativity from their students. After lunch, we will head over to Seaford , for a chance to explore some local history then  the Seaford Quiz, where they ask.

To check out the weather, here is the Met Office website.


Sunday 23.04.2017
Today the group is spending a day in Brighton . It’s a busy, exciting place, and a great way to spend a Sunday. Amongst the sights are the Royal Pavilion, the Pier, Lanes and a whole host of cafes, shops and places to hang out and watch the world go by.


Saturday 22.04.2017
The group from GRG 7 arrived in Seaford where they were met by the H2 Team and the host families.

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