Abteigymnasium der Benediktiner Höhere Schule - Sprachreise nach England

Sunday 15.10.2017
Departure day as the group say goodbye to London and head back to Seckau. We hope everyone had a good time and has a lot of great memories of their time in England.

Saturday 14.10.2017
A good autumnal day in the capital, with the highlight being a tour of the Globe Theatre, then sightseeing and exploration. Please see the photos of the Globe to see the group being 'educated' with some history. :-)

After the walking yesterday, the students seem very tired this morning as they begin school for the final time. We hope they will be sad to leave, as it will show us that they have had a good time with us. Dean and Karen will in the class for the final time this season, before we all meet up to present certificates to all. The award for Student of the Week will be presented to the student in each class that we feel has made the most of their time here at the H2 Academy. Then, before we know it, it will be time to say farewell...

...as the group head up to London, where they will spend the remainder of Friday, and all day Saturday exploring the city. The visit will also include a tour around Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, where they will hopefully be inspired to continue their English learning journey. :-)  We wish them an exciting time and a good journey home.

Thursday 12.10.2017
Much brighter in terms of the weather, and it looks like staying for the whole day. It will spread some rays of sunshine down on the town of Lewes. It's a beautiful town, and the ancient county town of Sussex, so it is rich in old buildings, and quaint and quirky nooks and crannies. The main attraction today will be the castle, but the group will also pass by the beautiful Grange Gardens, 15th Century bookshop, and Anne of Cleves House.

After the town comes the countryside and the group will be enjoying one of our natural 'wonders' - the Seven Sisters Cliffs. They have starred in movies - Harry Potter, Atonement, Robin Hood, and been the subject of hundreds of book covers, paintings and posters, even a Microsoft Windows desktop background. Check them out for yourself! The group will be walking down to see the great view, then over Seaford Head and down to the beach for a final evening with host families.

Wednesday 11.10.2017
The wind is up here, and with it a cloud or two in the sky, but this won't dampen our spirits as we head into the middle of the week. The programme for this afternoon is to visit the coolest place on Earth (well, one of the coolest places that we know) - Brighton. It's a city with a lot to see, starting with the seafront, the pier with its games and amusements, the promenade with funky shops and cafes under the arches and the beach with paddling room for everyone. For history fans, there is the Royal Pavilion, for the non-vertigo-sufferers, there is the i360 tower, and for everyone there is the city centre, with the trendy independent shops in the North Laine and the modern mall that is Churchill Square. That's a lot to fit into one afternoon, but we'll try our best. :-)

Tuesday 10.10.2017
A cloudy start to the day here, but some blue skies promises better weather. The students will be continuing their lessons this morning, and studying until 12:45, when they will head east towards the cliffs at Beachy Head. After a look around the top, and enjoying the views over the sea, the group will walk down to the edge of Eastbourne. This quaint seaside town has a lovely promenade and pier, which will be the final destination before the students get some time to explore the centre.

Monday 09.10.2017
Here we go... as school starts for the group, and Dean and Karen are doing the teaching this week. They'll - as usual - be looking for our students to be motivated, energetic, creative and a whole lot more. Our aim is to activate the existing English of the students, as well as to add to it. 

After school, we're starting with a tour of Seaford, with some local history and orientation, then we're going to head down to the Salts, where we will play some Football and Cricket. Cricket is the highlight, as it's totally new to the students, slightly complicated and very English. Let's see how they cope! :-)

Sunday 08.10.2017
The group arrived on time at the Martello, and were even a little ahead of schedule. The host families seemed a bit less nervous than the students, and after introductions, the students headed to their new home for some dinner and a chance to kick off their English speaking. :-)

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