Brigittenauer Gymnasium - Reise nach Seaford

Friday 07.04.2017
The students are on their way to Heathrow this morning, after a busy week with us. We wish them all a good journey back to Vienna and we'd like to thank them for coming to visit us. :-)

Thursday 06.04.2017
Time. Where does it go? It's already the last day of lessons, and hopefully a feel-good end to the week. To round off the school week, we will be presenting certificates to everybody, as well as the awards for Student of the Week to the individuals that we feel have benefited the most from their time with us.

After lunch, we'll be meeting up on the sports field for some sports. We'll be playing some football but the main attraction will be the students learning how to play cricket. It's a little bit complicated to learn, but with patience and concentration, everybody should be able to pick up the basics. We'll be playing a few short matches, giving everybody a turn at batting and bowling.

It's certainly cricketing weather, as the sun is with us, and should stay all afternoon. It's even 'not too windy', which is unusual for Seaford. :-)

Wednesday 05.04.2017
Wednesday brings us sunshine aplenty, which should enhance our Vitamin D levels and give energy to the students for their lessons. They'll certainly need energy for the afternoon, as they are visiting Brighton. It's a city with everything, and it's known as London-on-sea to many, as it has the buzz and feel of the capital, but with the calming backdrop of the water. Most visitors head for the seafront, and the pier in particular, for the entertainment offered, such as roller coasters, arcade games and the chance to win lots of prizes. For those seeking more leisurely pursuits, the centre has the olde worlde atmosphere of the Lanes, with the North Laine having a great array of alternative shops, and feels like Camden Market. Churchill Square is popular, as it's indoor mall with all the major retailers plying their wares.

Tuesday 04.04.2017
So, the second day of lessons begins, and the students should now feel more comfortable in class. English will be moving forward in their brains and slipping more easily from their tongues.

Our afternoon begins with a bus trip across to the cliffs at Beachy Head. At 160m above the sea, the cliffs offer fantastic views over the English Channel towards France. The chalk cliffs have been used in a lot of films, videos and advertisements and the main focus is the red and white lighthouse, which sits in the sea and warns ships of the dangerous rocks in the area. During April, there are also lots of cute fluffy lambs to see, and the students will pass these as they walk down towards the town of Eastbourne. The walk will finish along the promenade, and the pier is the final destination. Then it's time to explore the centre of Eastbourne, with it's array of watering holes and eating establishments.

It's not a great day weather-wise, as the rain clouds are above us, but the forecast is much better, so it should be a dry afternoon.

Monday 03.04.2017
A misty morning to greet us today, as the students begin their English lessons. They are in three classes, with their teachers - Dean, Karen and Nathalie - expecting lots of energy and enthusiasm form the students. They will be rewarded with enhanced fluency and by feeling more 'relaxed' using English.

Our afternoon will be a more relaxing one than yesterday, in Seaford, as we have a couple of quizzes for our students to complete. One is based around some of Seaford's local history, and some involves asking questions to local people. The weather is misty at the moment, but we should see some sunshine later.

To check out the weather, here is the Met Office website.

Sunday 02.04.2017
London day, and it turned into quite a walk! Sightseing is always best done on your feet, and the students managed to take in Buckingham Palace, Westminster, the South Bank, the Tower and Covent Garden, all on foot. 16km in total, which meant for some very tired young people in Covent Garden at the end. But what better place to relax and chill out (or possibly shop) than one of the cool hotspots in the capital.

Saturday 01.04.2017
A lovely sight at 5.30pm on Saturday, as the group arrived in Seaford - the sun shining off the sea. Host families were ready and waiting as we matched them up with their new guests. Then it was home for introductions, dinner and a look around the town.

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