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Friday 13.04.2018
The last day of school today and it's a misty one outside. The students will be enjoying their final lessons, and the last time they will spend in class with Karen and Ollie. We hope they feel that they have improved their English, as we aimed to focus on their fluency and confidence. The time spent talking to host families should also have helped their speaking.

After school, Ollie will be escorting the group to the cliffs at Beachy Head. We are hoping for an improvement in the weather, as it may restrict the views somewhat. From the top, it's a leisurely walk down to the town of Eastbourne, with it's beautiful promenade. The group will then have some time to explore the pier and the town centre, for some final souvenir shopping, or last bit of cafe culture in England.

Thursday 12.04.2018
After a hectic day in London yesterday, the group will have the chance to relax a bit more today. Lessons this morning will be as usual, then the students will be taking a short bus ride to our neighbouring town of Lewes. Here they will explore the historic buildings of the town, which is very pretty and typically 'English' in its architecture and quirkiness. It's full of history as well as great cafes and retro shops which are good to browse.

Wednesday 11.04.2018
A big highlight for the group today, as they head to London for the day. They will be starting their day with a visit to the Globe Theatre, where they will experience some of Shakespeare's magic, before heading off on a sightseeing walk. This will take in Tower Bridge, The Tower of London and St Paul's before they head north to Camden Market. This is a great place to hang out and enjoy the real London experience.

The weather looks okay, with no rain and a temperature of around 15 degrees, so ideal conditions for a day in the capital. 

Tuesday 10.04.2018
The second day of school and the students should be gradually attuning themsleves to hearing English all around them. Their lessons today include a spot of Dragons Den with Ollie, where they will become entrepreneurs and look at creating a business idea before they 'sell' the idea to the dragons.

After school, the group are going to learn how to play cricket. We're doing this at the Downs Leisure Centre, outside on the astroturf, where we will explain the rules before seeing how well the students play. I'm sure some of them will understand it quickly, whilst some may take a while. The basics are...hit the ball and run. :-)

To finish off the day, the group are heading to The Old Plough pub, where they will have a meal. They will have the chance to taste some authentic pub food, whilst experiencing life in 'a local' (minus the beer!) :-)

Monday 09.04.2018
We start lessons today, and have split the group into two classes. Karen and Ollie are doing the teaching this week, School today, and our aim is to help students feel confident and fluent with their English.  

The afternoon programme involves spending some time getting to know Seaford. We have a two-part quiz, starting with clues to solve as students walk the sights of Seaford. Then they need to get brave and start talking to the locals, as they answer our Seaford Quiz. Any remaining time is their own, and they can enjoy the beach or the cafes, or maybe the museum....? :-)

Sunday 08.04.2018
The trip today was a day in the city of Brighton. There's so much to see in the city, with a host of shops and cafes as well as a deeper cultural side, with the Royal Pavilion amongst the more historic places. Brighton wouldn't be Brighton without a trip to the pier and the seafront. As well as this, many student discovered that the shopping wasn't too bad. :-)

 Saturday 07.04.2018
The group arrived in Seaford around 9.15pm, where they were met by their host families. They were whisked home for an introduction and some dinner before getting some rest ahead of Sunday's programme.

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