GRG 21 Ödenburgerstraße

Friday 20.04.2018
Another blue-sky backdrop to the day today, as the group make their way up to London by train. They will be taking in all the sights, such as Tower Bridge, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, as well as having a few options of other places to visit such as Covent Garden or Leicester Square. We're sure they'll make the most of their time in the capital, with so much to see and do, the biggest problem is deciding on what to do and when to do it.

As it's the final day with our lovely 'Ödenburgers', it's time to say a big thank you everyone. Our English teachers have really enjoyed teaching the students, and the host families have really enjoyed having them stay. We'll miss them and hope to see them again soon.

Thursday 19.04.2018
We're bored with the weather now, as it is sunny and warm every day.... Only joking, we love it. It's shining down on us as we enjoy the last day of school today, before it's farewell to the teachers, and we hand out certificates to all our wonderful students. We then award a prize to two 'more wonderful students', one in each class, who we think have put the most effort and energy into their time with us. :-)

The town of Lewes is the afternoon destination, and the group are heading to Anne of Cleves House, which is now a museum of Tudor history, as well as some of the history of Lewes. There is a lot to enjoy in Lewes, as it is the historic capital of Sussex, as well as being extremely pretty and full of hustle and bustle. Our students really enjoy it here as it gives tham a good impression of a typical traditional English town.

Wednesday 18.04.2018
The sunshine continues here on the south coast, and the students are perhaps a little reluctant to be inside this morning. However, they are working (fairly) hard on their English skills. :-)

Once they escape this afternoon, they will be heading to Beachy Head, the beautiful chalk cliffs overlooking the English Channel. There's a lot to see at the top, including two lighthouses, far-reaching sea views, and a host of sheep and lambs. From the the top, the group will walk downhill to the promenade at Holywell, then along to the town of Eastbourne. 

Tuesday 17.04.2018
Cricket was fun yesterday, and we had a couple of star players, namely Kathi and Nina, although everyone seemed to understand how to play (eventually!) and we had some good matches. The sunshine helped to keep us warm too.

Today's programme sees the group catching the train across to Brighton. This is one of the jewels in the south of England, and is always popular with our groups. There is so much to do, from the pier and the seafront, the Royal Pavilion and the SeaLife Centre, to the host of cafes, restaurants and shops. Brighton has a real buzz about it that is hard to beat. For hanging out or people-watching, it's great. On a warm sunny afternoon (which it should be), it's perfect. :-)

Monday 16.04.2018
A gloriously sunny start to Monday, as the students start to arrive here at school. They'll have a brief welcome talk before we give them a placement test to separate them into two small classes. Dean and Ollie are teaching this week, and we are sure the students will get lots of fluency practice as well as a lot of new vocabulary. Above all, we hope they enjoy lessons and feel growingly confident using English.

After lunch, we're heading to Seaford where we will be playing some sports. Cricket is the main sport on the menu, and the group will be taught how to play before putting their skills into practice. :-)

If you'd like to see how sunny it will be this week, check the weather here.

Sunday 15.04.2018
A trip to two very beautiful places in the south of England as the group took a coach to Arundel, where they had a tour of the Castle. Then some time for alook around the town before they headed west to the ancient city of Chichester. Famous for its cathedral and as a port which has seen many famous sailors and explorers come and go, Chichester is a very picturesque place to explore. Sadly, the weather wasn't too kind, and it was quite a chilly, cloudy day with some rain too. This is expected to change and a sunny week is planned... :-)

Saturday 14.04.2018
Arrival day and the group were greeted by a very busy seafront in Seaford on Saturday afternoon. Host families were there ready and waiting to welcome their new guests. The studnet shad a little time to explore the town before heading home for dinner.

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