NMS Kindberg - Sprachreise nach Seaford

Friday 06.10.2017
We have come to the last day of school, and the students are making the most of their final hours of English lessons with Karen and Dean. There will be a few games today, as we round off what has been a good week with the group. They've worked hard in lessons and have hopefully improved their fluency. We will reward everyone with a certificate, and then give out the Student of the Week awards.

After school, the plan is for a cream tea on the beach before a walk to Seaford Head, and a wonderful view of the Seven Sisters cliffs. This will be a lovely way to finish off the week in Seaford. It's a lovely sunny day today as well, so the sea, cliffs and surrounding countryside look fantastic. :-)

Thursday 05.10.2017
Lewes was good yesterday, and the students hopefully learnt a bit of history. Back to the present today, and we are heading outside this afternoon for some sports. We're going to learn how to play Cricket. It's not an easy sport to understand, but our simplified version should be easy enough to pick up so that we can play a match or two. We might also play some football too. It's going to be a sunny afternoon, we are told, so all is good. :-)

Wednesday 04.10.2017
It's a bit of a history day today as we are visiting the town of Lewes this afternoon. It's a beautiful town, which was once the county town of East Sussex. It is the administrative centre still, with some good sights to see. We'll be visiting Anne of Cleves House - a home owned by King Henry VIII's 4th wife, which is still in the state it was in Tudor times. Then we will walk through the Grange Gardens and up Keere Street to see the 15th Century bookshop and then a visit to Lewes Castle. There will still be time to head down to the river and possibly stop off in Bill's Cafe, one of the town's most famous venues.

Tuesday 03.10.2017
What a lovely morning we have here in Seaford, as the sun makes an appearance again. It's feeling very autumnal but in a good way, and the students all seem full of energy as they begin their lessons. In the afternoon, we're heading across to Beachy Head, the famous chalk cliffs that rise 160m above the sea. There should be some fantastic views as we walk around and then head down the gentle slope to the promenade. As we continue, we'll pass a few interesting sights, before arriving at our destination - Eastbourne. The students will have a little time to explore the centre before we meet back at the pier.

Monday 02.10.2017

We begin school today, and the students will have a placement test before they are split into two small classes. Dean and Karen are teaching this week, and will be hoping for some energy and enthusiasm from the students. We aim to improve the fluency of our students by focussing on their speaking, and giving them more confidence.

After school, and a short break, we'll be having a town tour in Seaford centre, before the students undertake the Seaford Quiz, where they ask people in the street a number of questions about life in the UK.

The weather has improved from yesterday, and it looks like a dry day at least, with the possibility of some sunshine later. You can check out the forcast here

Sunday 01.10.2017
A day trip to Brighton today, and the group were led around by Karen, who showed them the main sights of the city. The group then had a visit to the SeaLife Centre, Brighton's aquarium, where they had the chance to get up close to some underwater creatures. 

Saturday 30.09.2017
We welcomed the group from NMS Kindberg at around 5pm, and they were met by their host families in a very windy Seaford. Once we had made our introductions, the students headed off to their new 'home' for the week. 

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