Seaford Summer 1

Friday 03.08.2018
The last day of school, and it's a fun one, with the students presenting their drama to the rest of the group. They will also be playing a few games, and then it'll be time to say a sad farewell to Dean and Debbie, who have been teaching them for the past two weeks. We will also find out who gets the prize for Student of the Course.

The afternoon begins with some cricket in the park before the group head to the Old Plough for a traditional pub meal. Then, after a short break, we will meet up again and head to the Amex Stadium to watch Brighton & Hove Albion play a football match against Nantes, from France.

Wow, what a busy two weeks it has been, and I think we are all exhausted, but have a huge amount of happy memories which we will hopefully keep for many years to come. :-)

Thursday 02.08.2018
A very sleepy group arrived at school this morning, as they get back to doing what they do best - learning English :-) Our afternoon programme is to head back to Brighton for the beach volleyball session that they missed out on on Sunday because of the bad weather. Everyone seemed very keen to do it, so we have re-scheduled it for them. There will also be a little time to enjoy Brighton Pier in sunshine and not in heavy rain and strong winds!

Wednesday 01.08.2018
What a beautiful start to the day, with a sunrise over the hills. There were lots of sleepy students waking up very slowly and reluctantly, but nearly everyone had managed to spend their night under the stars. And there were lots of stars in a very clear sky. We even saw some shooting stars, including the brightest one I've ever seen. So lots of wishing! :-)

To wake everyone up we had a small snack before we played a quick game of Sleepy Frisbie, where everyone stands in a circle and tries to summon the energy to throw the frisbie to someone else. :-) Then packing time before the walk back to the forest, where we had a second breakfast of Quesadillas. The bushcraft continued, with some fantastic shelters being built, before lunch was prepared on the camp fire. To finish off, we tidied up before heading down to the river.

It was the perfect afternoon for kayaking, with no wind, and the students splashed around either in kayaks or the giant SUPs. There were a few swimmers too, and the sheep seemed quite amused by our actions. :-) Finally, after a long and enjoyable day, it was time to head home for a hot dinner and some much-needed sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

Tuesday 31.07.2018
Another sunny day here in England, and it's due to continue all week...again :-) It's very important that it's dry today because we are starting our outdoor adventure part of the course. To begin with, we are all going down to Friston Forest, near the Cuckmere River, where we will have a session of Bushcraft, where students will do some fire lighting, shelter building and other such wonderful outdoor skills. We'll then sit around the camp fire and have a self-cooked dinner followed by marshmallows before some of us walk down to our campsite and enjoy a night under the stars.

Hopefully after a good night's sleep, we'll be up early for more bushcraft and a camp lunch before we hit the water and do some kayaking on the river.
There will also be some SUPing, and probably lots of splashing before an exhausted group of students head back to 'civilisation' and their host families.

Monday 30.07.2018
The second week begins, after two busy days, one in London and one in Brighton. Today we are having a more relaxing afternoon as we head to the town of Lewes again, and to visit the cinema. We're going to watch either Incredible 2 or Mama Mia 2. Two sequals, but maybe not equals in people's eyes?

Friday 27.07.2018
Ok, so we lost the match(es) to the Spanish guys, but we had lots of fun, and we were very happy with how hard EVERYONE tried. We had three mixed team matches, then boys vs boys then girls vs girls. And well, we kind of lost all five matches, but hey, c'est la vie.

So to today and we are heading to the cliffs at Beachy Head before walking down to the beautiful town of Eastbourne. It's definitely ice cream weather, and we'll update you all later. :-)

Thursday 26.07.2018
A hot hot hot day, and we spent the afternoon playing football against a team from Valencia. Are we crazy!? :-)

Wednesday 25.07.2018
Yesterday went well, and we enjoyed the town of Lewes. We even saw a wedding that was taking place at Lewes Castle.

The group are at the beach today, with the programme starting with some activity with our old friends at Rye Water Sports. The students will be learning how to windsurf, sail and SUP. It should feel a bit cooler on the lake, as the temperature is rising as our crazy un-English summer continues.

After the action, there will be time to hit the beach, as the group will make 'camp' in the sand dunes, before palying some volleyball games on the beach with Davor. They'll also have the chance to paddle in the sea as well as enjoy the peace and tranquility of the wonderful sandy beach at Camber.

If it suits everybody, there will be a quick stop-off in Rye on the way home for a look around this medieval port, with it's beautiful church.

Tuesday 24.07.2018

Well, we were thwarted by the mist yesterday, as the cliffs were covered and the view would have been limited, so we stayed down at sea level and went to the Salts Recreation ground. Here we played a name game with Davor before a practice football match where we showed our skills and enthusiasm for the game. Hmmm, ok, we tried our best and realised that we need some tactics before the big match against Spain on Thursday. :-)

Today, as the warm weather continues, we are heading to the town of Lewes. It's the historic capital of this region, and we will explore the town on foot, with a walk around to enjoy the gardens and old buildings, before we enter Lewes castle. Here we will enjoy wonderful views over the local area, as well as take in some history.

Monday 23.07.2018
Here we go with the first day of the course, and Dean and Debbie - our English teachers - have been busy helping our group of 28 students with their language skills. We hope for lots of energy and creativity as we work on their fluency and vocabulary. It's hot work, as the weather is 'boiling' compared to the average English summer. This is set to continue all week, which will be great.

After lunch, we're heading to see one of the wonders of England... the Seven Sisters cliffs. These chalk cliffs are in a great many films and photos, as they symbolise the beauty of the south coast of England. It's a good time to be outdoors, as we will feel the wind on our face and the sun on our backs. :-)

Sunday 22.07.2018
What a lovely day to arrive in Seaford. The group were delayed slightly but reached their destination in bright sunshine. It felt more like the Mediterranean than the English Channel as host families welcomed their new guests. The students then headed home for a tour of the house and some much needed dinner.

Later, we will play some sports in the park as we get to know each other a bit better, and prepare for our big match against the Spanish group on Thursday....

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