Friday 19.05.2017
So, we are starting our final day of school today and – after lessons – we’ll be getting together to hand out certificates to all our students. We’ll then be awarding prizes for our Student of the Week in each class. This goes to the student who we feel has gained the most from their week here with us.

After lunch, we’ll be splitting, as half the group take a second trip to Brighton and an afternoon in the seaside city. The rest of the group will be taking a walk to see the Seven Sisters cliffs. The weather looks better than the rainy day yesterday, and we are confident that we’ll all stay dry today. 


Thursday 18.05.2017
The week is racing by, and as we begin our Thursday, the students are continuing their English lessons. They’ll be exercising their brains in class, before they exercise their bodies this afternoon as we head onto the sports field. We’ll split into two groups for some football and the main focus, which is cricket. It’s slightly complicated in its full form, but we’ll play a faster version that everyone will understand (probably!).


Wednesday 17.05.2017
A lovely afternoon of blue skies and sunshine…yesterday. Today is a bit cloudier with rain forecast later. But it looks like we may be lucky, as it should only arrive after we’ve done the outside part of our programme today. After school, the students will be heading to Beachy Head, with it’s cliffs and views and sheep. They will look around the top then walk down to the seafront in Eastbourne. After some time to explore this lovely seaside town, the rain will arrive! But by then we expect everyone to be sheltering inside, just before the bus takes them back to Seaford. A day where luck and timing are required. We’ll keep you updated! 


Tuesday 16.05.2017
Well, at least it stayed dry for our afternoon in Seaford yesterday and the students had an exploration of the town. Back to work this morning though, as they continue their English lessons before a walk down to the railway station. After a 25-minute journey, the group will arrive at Brighton Station ready for an exciting afternoon at the seaside. There is so much to do in Brighton… the seafront and the pier are big favourites, as are the Pavilion and the park near by. Then there are a whole host of cafes and restaurants, where people simply hang out and watch the world go by. If all that isn’t enough, then there are the independent shops in the North Lane, with the feel of Camden Market.

To add to the day, we’ve laid on some good weather as the sun is warming us up. The wind has dropped too, so it should be the perfect day for ice creams!


Monday 15.05.2017
The first day of school, and it’s a gloomy one in the skies, with cloud and rain with us. We won’t let that worry us though, as the students begin to arrive at school for their English lessons. We’ll start with a placement test, so the group can be split into three small classes for their English lessons. Our aim is for the students to improve their fluency in this week, and Dean, Karen and Nathalie – our teachers – will do lots practical speaking exercises and other creative tasks in order to achieve this.

In the afternoon, we will be in the town centre and on the seafront in Seaford, where the group will take a walking tour with some local history, before doing the Seaford Quiz. The quiz involves asking questions to local people in order to find out things about the town and life in England. A much gentler afternoon than yesterday, and a good chance to practice some English. 

If you’d like to keep track of the weather here, the best website is the met office.


Sunday 14.05.2017
After a rainy night, Sunday turned out to be a pretty good day of weather as the group spent the day exploring London. They did a whole lot of sightseeing, and you will see some of what they saw in the photo gallery.


Saturday 13.05.2017
The group arrived in sunny Seaford at 5pm, and our host families were waiting to greet the students, take them to their new home and introduce them to life in England. The students then had a short time for a post-dinner walk, before an evening at home.

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