SENIGALLIA Schule - Reise nach England

Friday 14.07.2017
The last day of school for most of the group, and we'll be finishing off with a big 'Pub Quiz', with lots of trivia questions. Then certificates and prizes before we say our goodbyes.

In the afternoon, there is a choice of more kayaking/SUPing or a football match between our students and some Spanish students. My money is on an Italian victory! :-)

Thursday 13.07.2017
Back to summer weather today, and the students are studying hard in their lessons as always. :-) They may be a bit tired after two afternoons of walking, but it doesn't seem to show. They will need lots of energy this afternoon, as they will be spending a few hours doing water sports. This will be on the Cuckmere River, and will be a mix of Stand-Up Paddling (SUP) and Kayaking. The river is perfect for this, as it isn't too deep and is quite warm. The students will be taught the basics, then taken on a short journey down the river, with hopefully a few games to finish.

Wednesday 12.07.2017
After a rainy night, it's dry now and should be fine for our afternoon plan, which is a walk over Seaford Head to see the Seven Sisters cliffs. We'll probably head down to the beach at Cuckmere Haven, as the cliffs looking very impressive from down there. It's quite a long walk, so we may have to say a lot of 'Andiamo!'s today :-)

Tuesday 11.07.2017
Rain! We have our first rain for a while here in Seaford, and it makes for a different, fresher feel to the air. A bit more like the 'English weather' that students expect in England. We had a lot of energetic young people running around yesterday, as we played football, cricket and even a little rugby in the park. Let's see if it makes for calmer students in class today. :-)

Our programme for today is a trip to Eastbourne via the cliffs at Beachy Head. We may have to take a 'rain check' on the walk down to the town if it stays wet, but we'll wait a few hours and check on the weather later. Eastbourne itself is a lovely little town in which to spend an afternoon. 

Monday 10.07.2017
Back to school today, and a cloudy start but the sun is expected later. This is great as we are heading outside this afternoon for some sports. The group will be learning how to play cricket, as well as having a match or two of football. It should be a good chance to expend some energy in a positive way!

Sunday 09.07.2017
A big highlight as the group spent the day in London, where they visitied all the main sights: Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Horseguards Parade and the River Thames.

Saturday 08.07.2017
A full day excursion to Brighton today, and an exciting day by the seaside in this cool city. First a walk past the Royal Pavilion, the pier and the seafront, then up through the Lanes. There was lots of time to explore everything, as well as time to check out the cafes and shops.

Friday 07.07.2017
Summer continues and the students are getting used to life in England. Today is a more relaxed day with a visit from some students from the local high school. They will be joining one of our classes for a bit of cultural exchange before we all join together in having an afternoon tea supplied by the Hillcrest Cafe.

Thursday 06.07.2017
Sun, sun, sun here again although it is a bit windy, but that's typical of life on the coast. School continues this morning and then it will be time to head across to the town of Lewes for our afternoon visit. Lewes is a beautiful town, and is the former 'capital' of the county of Sussex (Before Brighton took over). Lewes has a castle, as well as Ann of Cleves House (one of Henry VIII's wives), the 15th Century bookshop and the famous brewery - Harveys. There is lots to see and do here, and a lovely place to wander around on a sunny afternoon in July. We hope the students enjoy it. :-)

Wednesday 05.07.2017
A beautiful summer day with temperatures rising to around 24 degrees. Our students - 29 Italian and 2 Austrian (welcome Alex and Moritz!) have had a placement test are now in their small classes with their English teachers. We hope they will all study hard and work on improving their fluency in English.

After lunch, we have been invited to tour Seaford Head School, the local high school, where some students will show us around their school. We are really looking forward to this, as it will give a great insight into school ife in England. After that, the students will be doing the Seaford Quiz, where they need to talk to people in the street to get the answers to their questions about Seaford and life in the UK.

To see the weather we are having, check the Met Office here.

Tuesday 04.07.2017
Arrival day and we eventually managed to get the Italian students to Hillcrest, where they had an introduction with Mark, Dean and Chloe. Then they met their host families and were taken to their new home. We welcome them all! :-)

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