Sprachreise nach England des Schopenhauer Realgymnasium

Friday 29.09.2017
It's amazing, but the week has passed so quickly that it has become friday already. :-)  Where has the time gone? Yesyerday was very enjoyable, as we played cricket and football in good sunny weather. Some of the more energetic members of the group then walked up the hill at Seaford Head to see the Seven Sisters. In the evening, the teachers organised a ghost walk, which hopefully wasn't too terrifying :-)

Today begins with rain outside and the students inside, as they have their final English lessons of the week. They will all receive certificates, and we will also be selecting a Student of the Week in each class. Then it's farewell to the English teachers, and to Hillcrest, and hello to an afternoon in Lewes. The main event will be a look around Anne of Cleves House, which was a 'gift' to Anne from her husband... King Henry VIII. It was part of the divorce settlement for his 4th wife. 

Weatherwise, it's a horrible start to Friday, as it is raining and very grey outside. BUT, it should improve later and be pretty good this afternoon. Let's keep our fingers crossed...

Thursday 28.09.2017
A sunny day ahead, as the students prepare to head outside for a sporting afternoon. We'll be playing at the Salts, and will be mixing some of the familiar - football - with something a little more unusual - cricket. Cricket isn't the easiest sport to understand, but all our students seem to get a general idea, and enough knowledge to be able to join in a match or two. 

We hope you are enjoying the photo gallery, and that you are getting a tatse of the course. We're enjoying having the students with us, and they seem to be happy with life. :-)

Wednesday 27.09.2017
Another misty start but it will be sunny later (we have been promised). The students enjoyed Brighton and are back in lessons this morning. The aim of these is to get students talking as much as possible. Karen, Dean and Chloe are working hard to achieve this. :-) 

The afternoon programme is a trip across to the cliffs at Beachy Head. There will hopefully be good views over the Channel, as the cliffs are 160m above the sea. It's usually windy up there, which might help to get rid of the mist. After enjoying the top, the group will walk down to the promenade in Eastbourne, where they will take a leisurely stroll to the pier. From here, they will have some time to explore the town centre.

Tuesday 26.09.2017
After a relaxing first afternoon in Seaford, the group met up later for a walk with their teachers last night. It was a beautiful sunset over the sea.
Today we have a lot of mist and fog, but better weather is forecast for later, and the promise of a sunny afternoon for the group in Brighton. They will be catching the train to this funky city, full of wacky people and lots to see and do. Brighton has its Royal Pavilion and wonderful seafront and pier, but the city centre is also a great place to hang out, as there are so many cool shops and cafes to explore. 

Monday 25.09.2017

School is the big highlight of today, as the students will start their English lessons. First they will take a placement test, before we begin the three small classes. Lessons will focus on speaking and activating the English that the students bring with them, as well as adding some vocabulary. We also hope that school is enjoyable too. :-)

After school, we have an afternoon in Seaford, with a tour and quiz. We need the weather to improve though, as it hasn't been great this morning. To keep an eye on it, this is the best link.

Sunday 24.09.2017
A day out in London today, as the group took the train from Seaford ot Victoria. They then had a full day of sightseeing in the capital. They were lucky with the weather too, as it was a lovely sunny day, and around 20 degrees. The sights to see are pretty famous ... Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Southwark, Covent Garden, Camden, Chinatown... The list goes on and on :-)

Saturday 23.09.2017
The group from BRG 18 had a smooth journey from Vienna, and arrived in a sunny Seaford on time. Host families were waiting for them, and after a few introductions, the students headed home to have their first taste of English food, and a chance to get to know their families.

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