Sprachreise nach England - Sommer 2017

Friday 04.08.2017
It comes around eventually, and here it is, the last day of school for the group. Most of them are full of energy after Orienteering yesterday and a good nights sleep. Some though - the Outdoor people - are a little bit sleepy in class today. We camped out last night, and they were talking until the early hours. Ralf, in particular, didn't stop talking almost until the birds woke up. :-) Everyone was great though, and they all ignored the rain shower and stayed outside in their bivvy bags all night. This despite the temptation of a much warmer, drier bed indoors. Good work chaps!

We'll be saying goodbye to Dean and Karen this morning, and handing out our prizes for various awards. Then it's the final afternoon, and a trip to Brighton for the majority. It's looking good for a sunny farewell, as the two weeks comes to a close.

Thursday 03.08.2017
The rain lashed down yesterday, as promised, but the students held up well. The Sports group were kayaking on the Cuckmere River. They braved the outdoors, with the driving rain and strong headwind trying to push them back and they boldly made their way down the river. Our stars of the day were Antonia and Nick, who didn't want to stop kayaking and then went for a swim in the freezing water. They 'encouraged' Camilla to join them too, which she did (see photos!). :-)

Because of the high winds and risk of falling branches, the Outdoor group had it easy, with an indoor outdoor day! They did some bushcraft crafts and were spoilt with some hot chocolate - which seems to be an essential part of outdoor life :-)

Meanwhile, the English Extra students spent the afternoon studying a Sherlock Holmes story, with lots of listening. They were also spoilt with an afternoon tea - scones, cream and jam - to keep them in tune with English traditions.

The view from the students...

Yesterday we were kayaking. It was really raining. We all got really wet. After kayaking we went to a cafe where we drank some hot chocolate. It was fun.

Jonas: Yesterday we made string made of nettles. We also made tea with nettles. It was a nice day although it was raining. We drank hot chocolate.

Ralf: Yesterday we made a bracelet, and we also made nettle tea. 

Wednesday 02.08.2017
It's the calm before the storm at the moment. Well, actually it's the 'dry' before the 'rain' as we expect some traditional English weather this afternoon. This won't put us off our activities though, as the Outdoor group continue to learn their bushcraft skills. It may be slightly harder to light the fire today, but they will have shelter and a big tarpaulin to keep them dry. The Sports group will be kayaking, so getting wet anyway, and the English Extra guys will be dry and warm inside their classroom as they study away. 

The view from the students...

Kaya: Yesterday we went Stand-up-paddling on a river near Seaford. At the beginning we made some exercises on the board to find our balance and then we went on a little journey up the river. When we came back we played some games on a big board and it was really funny! We were eight persons on one board and tried to push each other into the river. All in all it was a really nice and sunny day!

Christina: Victoria and I decided to choose the English extra group to improve our English skills. Even though we have to study a lot, we have great fun with our teacher Karen. She keeps the lessons pretty varied. However, at the end of the day we're always tired but we definitely don't regret our decision for English extra.

Heidrun: Yesterday we were in the Seven Sisters Park. We built some cool shelters and proved them all together. We also made a fire on our own and cooked some hot chocolate.

Tuesday 01.08.2017
A sunny day here, and we are all well and preparing for another day with our chosen package. Later, the English Extras will be having extra English, the Sporties will be doing sports and the Outdoorsies will be, well, outdoors all afternoon. For the sports group, it's water sports at the Cuckmere, with SUP and kayaking. 

Yesterday, by Elisa...
"Yesterday we drove to brighton to play beach volleyball. When we arrived we first had time for lunch then we began practising. After that we started playing matches in four teams. We were all happy when Camilla told us that we had free timein Brighton, so we went in small groups to different destinations. Then we drove home to Seaford. We all had great fun."

Monday 31.07.2017
The second week has started and the students are getting used to being in lessons during their summer holiday :-) It's only for the morning though, then they will be starting their 'options' in the afternoon. Some students are staying for Extra English, some will be heading Outdoor to do some bushcraft in the forest, whilst the remaining Sports group will be playing beach volleyball in Brighton. They will receive some coaching before playing a few matches amongst themselves.  

The weather looks pretty good for the week, although it's quite chilly at 18 degrees.

Sunday 30.07.2017
A day at the beach, as the group headed across to Camber Sands. The Sports group did some sailing and windsurfing. The others were entertained by Alfie. It was a cloudy, windy morning but the weather improved in the afternoon, with some good sunshine. 

Saturday 29.07.2017
A day in London with most of it spent sightseeing. We began with a walk to Buckingham Palace, where we saw a whole host of bicycles which were taking part in Ride London, a huge event taking place Saturday and Sunday. Some raods were closed for the bikes, which made London slightly quieter, but no less crowded than usual. From the Queen's house, we walked through Horseguards, and down Whitehall before taking in Big Ben and the London Eye. After a short break, we headed to the Underground, and then to Tower Hill, where we had some good views of  the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. Finally, we were back on the Tube and off to Oxford Street, where the students had a bit of free time to souvenir shop and generally take a breather from all the crowds.

Friday 28.07.2017
A busy day here, with lots of arranging to do before the busy weekend, but first of all we need to enjoy the last day of school for this week. The afternoon turned out to be a rainy sports session, but the students had lots of fun playing  the best of English and Austrian sports - Cricket and Volkerball. It's good for them to 'let off some steam' by running around. The planned barbecue has become a 'pub meal' as we are forced indoors by the weather. We'll be heading to the Old Plough for a traditional taste of English life.

Some rest is then needed and some good sleep because tomorrow we will be in London. Sunday is a day at the beach, as the group head to Camber and Rye.

Thursday 27.07.2017
School again this morning, and the students are beginning to feel quite comfortable at Hillcrest. They know their way around, and have got used to their new schedule. We do hear English spoken between them, so things are good. :-)

Our plan for today is to make our way to Beachy Head this afternoon, where we will enjoy the views from the top of the cliffs, including the lighthouse and the surrounding countryside, before heading on a (mostly) downhill walk to the seafront in the town of Eastbourne. It's a gentle walk, and most of it is either on grass or alongside the sea. We may have an ice cream stop - if the students are good - before we reach our final destination - Eastbourne Pier. From here, the group wil have a bit of time to explore the centre of Eastbourne, and enjoy another typical English seaside town.

Wednesday 26.07.2017

We had a good time in Brighton yesterday, and the students saw the places they had been discussing in the morning lessons, including the Royal Pavilion, Brighton Pier and the Lanes. The weather was kind too, with lots of sunshine. 

Not such good weather today, as we are experiencing our first rain showers. We don't mind though, as we are inside this afternoon, having a cinematic experience. We are going to watch a film - in English - as soon as we can all agree on what to watch. :-)  We'll keep you posted!

Tuesday 25.07.2017
The sun is shining down on us as we continue our English lessons. It's the kind of day where it's easy to imagine yourself outside, by the seaside, sitting on the beach and eating an ice cream. Luckily, that's what the students could be doing this afternoon, as they are visiting Brighton. Still probably the coolest city in the UK, Brighton is a great place to wander around, experience the atmosphere and generally feel good about life. :-)

The football match didn't go too well yesterday. Although the match was really enjoyable, and everyone played with a good spirit, the result was not so good. We were given a footballing lesson by the Spanish group, who scored somewhere between 20 and 25 goals (we lost count), whilst we managed erm......  2 goals. But we won the hearts of the people. :-)

For a daily weather update, take a look at the Met Office here.

Monday 24.07.2017

School has started and the students are getting used to hearing the English language everywhere. They've been placed in two classes, for their lessons with Dean and Karen. We hope the students wil bring lots to class, including energy and motivation. We will supply the tools to learn and they must do the rest. :-)

After lunch, we're playing a football match against Spain...  Let's hope for a closer match than last time. :-)

Sunday 23.07.2017
After a smooth journey, the group landed at Heathrow to see the sun shining down. By the time they had reached Seaford, the weather had changed a bit and there was some wind and showers. Host families were ready and waiting to meet their guests, who said hello and were taken back to be introduced to other family memebrs and to see their new home.

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